Monday, January 09, 2017

The Wish for More Time

This weekend was our first embellishment class of 2017.  We had a great group of ladies despite the snow.  They came from all parts of the country to visit and stitch.  Thank you all for coming!

When I teach an embellishment class I work out all of the details for the canvas ahead of time.  We then have two days to stitch and  have fun.  I wish we had more time together and more time to stitch all these gorgeous canvases!

The magical Huppe Bird from Zecca now has a stitchguide. It is going to be stupendous stitched.

Karen requested a quide for this fabulous Lily style tree by Raymond Crawford. 
You know I loved picking threads and stitches for this!

Pam stitched our lulu skater and she's awesome!!!!!

How about a beaver with a candy cane???

This hippo by Birds of a Feather was another super popular canvas. 
How can he not make you happy?

Dan in the Garden has so many wonderful opportunities for embellishment.

In the Rain by Penny MacLeod is another fun stitch.

We had a great group of super talented stitchers with quite an array of canvases it was so much fun.

More classes will be coming later in the year.  Maybe I will see you there.  Until then, if you would like any of these canvases kitted or just need a stitchguide, give us a call or order online.

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