Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Great Mystery Show

The Great Mystery Show just opened at the American Visionary Arts Museum.  Wow, just Wow!  I love AVAM.  I always say I don't get there often enough but hey I'm getting there more often.  

There's a mirror tree and mosaic wall at the entrance that always make me smile.

It's my go to place when art and color inspired friends come to visit.  :-) 

My friend Susan was here a week or so ago for Kinga's classes and we went to the current exhibit.  We had been following creation of a beaded wedding gown by Jan Huling.  

Okay there are lots of beaded wedding gowns, but Jan's is really different.  It's a 3d printed replica of her mother's wedding gown.  She covered the entire gown and train with 260 plastic tiles covered with beads and embellishments.  "The result is a beaded gown full of the mystery of life’s connecting circles—from the gift and loss of mother, marriage, happiness and peace, to the resolution of a work created in profound gratitude for it all. " (avam)  

Check out the centers of the circles some of them have photos of her mom or other momentos that mean so much to her.

I'm a little obsessed with all the beautiful circles.


Look at this little guy guarding the gown.  Just like Cinderella's helpers.

Betsy Youngquist is a favorite artist of mine.  Again sculpture and beads :-)  Gotta love this bunny.

You know how I feel about the eyes of the piece of art.  Love how she handled the eyes on this guy.

These are all done with beads and rhinestones and grout!  This is a more traditional mosaic technique.

 Chris Roberts Antieau also had a new piece at the show.

Check out the birds!!!!!

And just a few more things that amused me.....

Thanks for visiting with me.  If you have a chance, the show will be up through September!  It's worth the trip.


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