Saturday, October 21, 2017

What a Finish!

In two weeks we will be hosting our Fall Embellishment Extravaganza.  It's always a sell out and always oodles of fun.  I can't wait to show you all the fun canvases that will be stitched.  There's two Rebecca Walk canvases, two of mine, a Zecca, a Lani, an Eleanor Grosch, a Brooke Connor an ellen giggenbach and more.  WOW!  It's going to be super fun and super colorful.

FYI. the next embellishment extravaganza is the first weekend of January.   If you would like to join the fun, check your calendars and give us a call to sign up.

You pick the canvas and I write the guide.  Anything that excites you.  No hoping I pick the right canvas for a mystery class.  This is all about you!

Suzy selected the Brenda Stofft Cat in Kimono for our last class and she has finished it!!!  Woo hoo!  Look at this. 

Thank you Suzy for letting us show off your stitching.  It is beautiful.


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