Wednesday, November 15, 2017

From Life to Sketch

... To Needlepoint

Kimberly Santini is one of our artists.  I have loved her work since day one.  I found her on the internet and bought one of her paintings.  

"You Are My Sunshine, A Lesson Painting, Part II of II" original fine art by Kimberly Santini

You Are My Sunshine, 2011

It reminded me of Max when he was a kitten :-)  Love big kitty ears.

Over the years I have had her paint sketches of the boys.  






She captures their hearts in her paintings.  I love the colors, love everything about them.  

Johnny is being painted now, he needs his formal family picture too.  I'll share it when its ready.

In the meantime, our adventure continue.  Stay tuned for new needlepoint canvases from Kimberly.  We have birds!!!


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