Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Funny How the Mind Works......

So, I'm working on creating new videos when the muse strikes and the planets align.

But then I have to remember to post them!  LOL.

I made this video while stitching the Hare and the Crow by Brenda Stofft to show how I handled working Japanese Ribbon Stitch for a large curvy leaf.

And it wasn't until just the other day that I remembered I forgot to share it with you.  

And if then technology wasn't behaving.  Full moon you know.  It has taken a full day of coddling to get this video to post.  Not sure why, but it did.  Finally it's here. 

So here you go, how to make a tall curvy leaf with 7mm ribbon! 

Ribbon really is almost as fun as beads, she says with a wink and a giggle.


P.S.  We will resume our regularly scheduled programming in a day or two with pictures and pretties from the Holiday Owls our newest mystery class.

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