Bedecked and Beadazzled Mysteries

This is the "Go To" place to see the evolution of the Bedecked and Beadazzled solved mysteries.
Even though the mystery is solved it's never to late to join the fun.  If you see a mystery you would like to stitch, call us (410.296.0405) and we will kit it for you.  You'll know the end of the story, but that's not so bad.  Is it?

Boo! by David Galchutt
Want some candy?
A Fashionable Fellow 
Zombie Eyes
Pirate Spider

Blue Bird by ellen giggenbach
The Blue Bird of Happiness
A Finished Blue Bird 

Owl with Key by Sandra Vargas
A New Mystery,  A New Owl
Owls and Birds, Birds and Owls
The Big Reveal 

Hummingbird by zecca
He Can Fly
Leaves, Leaves, So Many Leaves

Angel Queen by lulu mypinkturtle
The More Bling the Better 
Did Someone Say Beads?

Santa Fe Felines
Santa Fe Felines

Determining Naughty or Nice by David Galchutt
There's a Twinkle in His Eyes
What to do?  What to do?
Santa's Getting Ready
Snowflakes and Flowers and Holly Leaves

Three Stwooges by Love you More
and so it begins... 
Personality Plus
Trick or Treat 
The Three Stwooges are here!

Run Bunny Run by Zecca
It's Raining Sequins
Deeeee lightful! 
It's a Life Changing Flower 
A Very Special Bunny Came to Town
The bunny is Hopping
Happy Easter

Wild Salmon by Teresa Layman
Bubbles and Borders
One Fish Two Fish 
To Catch a Fish

House Hunt by Tapestry Fair
A Sparkling Home for Birds
Flowers from my Garden
Sparkling Birdies and Pink Flowers
Fabulous Frames 

Christmas Reindeer Collage by ruth schmuff
It's Beginning to Feel a lot Like Christmas
The Little Details Matter
More Patches Complete
The Reindeer are Ready

Haunted Hooter by dede
Trust Me
Those Eyes
The Subtlety of Color
Ghosts & Ghouls, Spiders and Bats
Hoot Hoot

Lulu's La Sirena by Lulu Mypinkturtle
La Sirena
It's all in the Details
Ready For a Swim?
Beaches, Mermaids and Seashells

Sitting Pretty by cbk Needlepoint
Card Tricks
Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
The Plan Came Together
Catching Fish

Emma's Darling Bird by Kimberly
Pretty Bird
Such a Pretty Bird
What a Difference a Color Makes

When In Doubt Twirl by Amy Bruecken
And a Twirling We Will Go
It's Time to Twirl!!!

Partridge Christmas Stocking by Tapestry Fair
The Start of Something New
The Tree
The Process
And There Was Singing
Finishing Touches
Time to Fill the Stockings

Haunted House by ruth schmuff
It was a Dark and Stormy Night
A Scary Tree at the Foot of the Drive
The house, the grass, the ghosts, oh my!
The Haunted House is Finished
Spooky Scary Nights

The Playful Squirrel by Sandra Vargas
Fuzzy, Fluff and Everything In Between
All Those Beautiful Colors
Fall Furries
Finishing Options

Polly the Parrot by Eleanor Grosch
Polly Wanna Cracker?
Polly Takes Flight
More Eleanor

The Count by Tapestry Fair
The Count Flies In
Who Goes There?
Too Much Fun!
He's Back
Cats and Pumpkins
Crazy Count
The Count is Back! 


Row of Ladies II by Lee - Mystery with a Twist
The Party Continues
Haute Couture Girls
Can I have a Favorite?
Row of Ladies is ready for their next reveal
Purple Brocade

Bohemian Beauty by Shelly Penko
Just Chillin' with Friends 
You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile
The Magic of Overdyes
Foreground, Background and Everything in Between
She's home from the framer!

Dog Walker by cbk needlepoint
The Star of the Show
The Spotlight is On 
Swanky Cute!
Not a Day for Walking this Pup

Why Fit In? by Zecca - Mysery with a Twist
Those Eyes!
Leaves are Falling!
Leaves and More Leaves
Happiness Is...
It's Really Ready

Christmas Birds by Ruth Schmuff
Too Much Fun!
Santa Bird
What a Surprise
The Bluebird of Christmas
Big Bird is Here!
Silly Silly Birds

Boo! by Hal Mayforth
Eeek! The Halloween Mystery Class
Waving From Bedecked and Beadazzled
A Special Visitor, or two 
Boo!  It's Halloween!

Blue Moon by Zecca
Blue Moon
Compensation - A Way of Life 
I Just Couldn't Stop Myself 
Blue Moon is framed

Holiday Mystery with a Twist - Christmas Village by Melissa Shirley
Happy 4th of July 
It's Snowing at the North Pole 
As Long As It's Still Snowing
Santa Has Arrived!
The House with Pink Eaves
Bunnies and Reindeer Join the Fun 
This Just in for the Holidays

Aquamarine Mermaid by Sandra Vargas
Come Swim With a Mermaid
A Day at the Salon 
Aquamarine the Disco Mermaid 
Look Who Swam In

Bastet, Egyptian Cat Goddess by Tapestry Fair
The Goddess Is Here
Jeweled Lotuses
Beaded Messages 
Jewels Fit For a Goddess! 
National Bastet Day! 
The Goddess Returns 

Zecca Snowman
What Does a Polar Bear in the Snow Look Like?
Sparkles are a Good Thing 
Trees in the Forest
The Snow is Falling, A Chill is in the Air
Cool Down.  Think Snow

Broom Parking! by Share One's Ideas
Broom Parking
And Now a Word from Our Sponsors 
The Shoes Make the Outfit 
Big Dramatic Finish 
Sometimes I Change Direction 
Broom Parking - Another Finish

Garden Party Heart Mod Collage by EyeCandy
It's a Garden Party!
The Fun is Just Beginning
A Little Bling
Be Still My Beating Heart
Poofy Heart 
Patterns on Patterns on More Patterns

Pear Collage by Ruth Schmuff
Fruit Salad for Spring 
Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles 
Lather Rinse and Repeat 
Pear Collage Finale 
What a Difference a Frame Makes

Poinsettia Lady by Maggie
It's All Magic
Valentine Fashions 
No Rules, No Way
Flowers are Blooming
Poinsettia Lady has Returned
New Finishes

Candyland Christmas Tree Farm
by EyeCandy Needleart
The Magical Road to Sweet Surprises
Bring on the Bling!
More Sparkles Please 
Truly Scrumptious! 
Let's All Go to Candyland

Halloween Tree by Ruth Schmuff
The Skulls Glow!!!  And they sparkle!!
The Trouble with Tribbles 
Happy Halloween 
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Row of Ladies by Lee - Mystery with a Twist
Meet my new BFF
Look Who's Coming to the Party!
Another Red Carpet Attendee
The Girls are Back in Town
Ringing in the New Year
She's Arrived 
Now the Party Can Begin!
What?  More Girls Want to Come to the Party?

Tree by Colors of Praise
Needlepoint can fool your eye
It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood 
Check out those floor tiles! 
The tree is in full bloom! 
Even More Pattern

Bird in a Nest by Zecca
Signs of Spring
It's a Clear and Sunny Day  
Let the Games Begin 
The Flowers are a'blooming 
I Can't Believe the Fun is Over 
Our Bird Has Flown Home!

The Snowman's Nose by Michael Stoebner

There's snow in the forecast
The snowman is dressed!!!
A warm and snugly scarf
Our Snowman Hearts You
The snowman's frame
The end of the story 
Wowsey, wowsey, the frame completes the story

 Noel and Jingle by Beth Gantz Designs
Noel/Jingle all the way
Love Letters?
Happy Holidays
Home Decor for Santa


Hermina Batwings by Mile High Princess/The Artist Collection
The face is the most important
Hermina's Closet
It's all about the eyes
Happy Halloween from Hermina
It's Halloween Somewhere, right?

Harvest Colors Puzzle by EyeCandy Needleart
Easy, Breezy Summertime Stitching
The Puzzle is Coming Together
Now what to do with this?
Harvest Colors Puzzle Mystery Solved

Watering Can Lady by Maggie
Formal Denim Makes for Happy Needlepoint
It Must Be Lace
Light and Shadows
Welcome to the Rose Parade
Just look at the frame!

Deco Cat by HP Designs
The Cat Steps Off the Canvas
Sunlight Through the Trees
The Cat Walks Out of the Forest

Heart by Melissa Shirley
What a Class
Happy Valentine's Day
It's Starting to Look Magical
Tah Duh!
Be Still My Beating Heart

Merry Christmas by Raymond Crawford
Merry Christmas _ Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas Lesson #2
Merry Christmas Poinsettia
Light Your Fire
It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas
Merry Christmas
Sometimes, Enough is not Enough
Fun, Fun, Fun

Mellow Yellow by Melissa Shirley
Mellow Yellow Class #1
Mellow Yellow Continues to Grow
The flowers are blooming
Mellow Yellow Complete
Not So Mellow Yellow
Now Where are those Spring Flowers?
What a difference a color makes
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